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Students answers to project evaluation

Being a European teenager:BET!

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1. What did you like best of this project?

Meeting students from other countries4762.7%
Using ICT to practice different tools1621.3%
Collaborating in international groups of students2736%
Practising English in funny activities3344%
Becoming part of an European project3344%

2. Which activity did you work or engage most?

Celebrating European day of Languages1723.9%
Personal guessing game: Voki1622.5%
Logo design contest1723.9%
Cities, cities, cities2738%
Christmas is coming to town!1115.5%
Teens and numbers2940.8%
You've got rights: wordle it!811.3%
Skype videoconferences2433.8%
eTwinning 10th birthday celebration1723.9%

3. What kind of skill do you think you have improved?

Writing skills in English3245.7%
Oral skills in English2738.6%
Learning to learn on your own1217.1%
Responsibility towards your task1115.7%
Social skills1318.6%
Team working2840%
ICT skills2637.1%

4. Would like to go on collaborating in an eTwinning project next year?

Yes, I'd love it5275.4%
No, I don't34.3%
Maybe, I'm not sure1420.3%

5. Suggest topics which you would like to work in a future project.

Video games Animals
Films , sports
Sport, food , shopping
The sport
about sports about ICT
I would like to spaek music. I would like to meet you with my class!
I would like to work about shopping.
music dance singing
create an e-magazine
video games animals experience to be astronaut
the use of mobile phone , subject at school in other countries
Do more video conferences.
We could of started earlier so we could do a halloween activity.
my suggestion is to travel to a new country
I think that we can do most oral activities with others countries.
I would like to meet the students with who chat on etwinning !!!
I would like to work a topic on Sports, cinema, television
A proyect in what you have to make videocomfarence
Travel to other countries and get to know our partners.
I would like to work a topic on video games or on the environnement. It would be nice to meet our partner in the real life.
Created a magasin with out explicated our hobbies,our memories,our tastes,...
Make a comic book about the stereotype, talk about art and music and I would like meet the Europeen teenager.
mayby of famous people of now
Make a magazine about what we are interested in and what we like the best, meet our partners, create a music video...
what's sport do you practice
tasks that are more challenging
more videoconferences.
talk about fishs .
I would like to work about clothes
We will work in a new european project for different countries.
We can make a padlet about deportists people.
I want to meet you
-I would like to work about different music -I woud like to work about our technologic evolution -I would like to work about some profession that we would like to do.
I would like meet the people English.
sport , shopping
compare tv programmes
I would like to work about sport.
we talke about our sports or activities we practice.
I would like meet childrens English .
A better internet connection. About the school of the other countries.
music art and dancing
si hablar en español caca y jugar a la play station
A padlet about sports.

6. What did you find most interesting in the project?

to communicate in English with your partners on Skype.4360.6%
to send emails to your partners on the Twinspace2231%
to send comments about your partners' work.1419.7%
to read your partners' messages or comments1521.1%
to learn about your partners' country and culture1926.8%
to be able to go on the Twinspace from home912.7%

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