miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

eTwinning project "Places and their Stories" end of year activities.

Class 1º ESO C-D students have been working all year round in a online collaborative project together with students from three different countries: Recep Birzin Örzen Ortaokoulu in Adana, Turkey, Siegerland Grundschule in Berlin, Germany andTendring Technology College in Frinton on Sea, England. 

Students have collaborated in multiple activities using a varied selection of online tools to create presentations about what they have learnt from these places far away and still so near thanks to technology.

The final product was creating a unique and surprising Alladin story flying over places and stories from all four cities taking part in it.

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We all want to thank the colleague founder teachers Ms Christiane Meisenburg and Ms Valentina Burley and also the teacher partner Ms Atike Candan Yilmaz for all their sharing and caring, everything students have learnt about their countries and, most of all, good collaboration and hard work we had the opportunity to share with them.

As a final activity we sang a song all together to say goodbye to our partners.

Don't forget to go on learning and practising all the English you can, remember you can follow my Google + posts for tips and interesting English "matters" and all the material linked in this blog!

I  wish you all a really happy summer, 
Your English teacher, Josefina

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